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Italians on the paper but fairly international in their attitude, the 4 Axid Butchers started to hit the road in 2004. Their 300 concerts took them to play in France, Germany, Austria and Slovenia, and have been the first Italian band to tour in South Africa. Pioneers of a new sound which ranges from psychedelic punk to a dirty funk with disco-dub digressions provided by the retro raids of a Farfisa Matador, the Butchers surprised more than one live: in the first part of the show, they focus everything on drums and percussions, supported by powerfull bass lines, then suddenly they change the stage set up and switch towards a sort of funky punk sound, where the freakytar replaces the timbales. With four vocals all along, the band brings up action and a loud whirl on stage, following the tradition of Mano Negra and squeezing an eye to Happy Mondays !!! Do not fasten seat belts and get ready to freakydance! "

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